Sunday, 6 January 2013

New year's resolutions |

Every new year, I always manage to mock the tradition of creating new years resolutions by saying that "my resolution is to think of one for next year". However my friends, 2013 is the year of change. Oooh! Instead of laughing in the face of this tradition, which I usual do due in impeccable "Bea-style" as I hate the thought of failing, I thought I would give it a  whirl and see if it pushes me to strive for my goals - a win win if you think about it.

WATER. I cant get enough of the really, I cant get enough. I most certainly do not drink the advised daily amount and the core reason why is just because I always forget. Forget to drink water? Stupid right. It's not that I dehydrate myself, I love tea - how very British of me, and I drink at least 8 mugs of the stuff everyday. After finding out that this does not count as the 2 liters of water I am meant to be indulging myself in, I had to reevaluate this life decision I made about fundamentally surviving on tea, and tea alone.
So my first resolution is to drink more water. From now on, I will be carting around a 2 liter plastic bottle everywhere I go, and slurping on it throughout the day (of course between the several mugs of tea I drink. And no, I will not stop drinking my tea).

DIARY. How very Anne Frank of me. My mum writes her life in her moleskin diary and because of this, is the most organised, controlling person I know (great, eh?). In order to become more organised, I too will be spending some dollah on a decent diary, so that I know what I should be doing, when I should be doing this. If you know me personally, you will most certainly know that I am late for everything. And I mean everything, in all aspects of my life. I am late every morning, for every lecture, to every meeting, for every Saturday shift at my work, for every coffee morning, for every shopping trip and for every piece of coursework or essay I hand in. I'm just a late person - and I hate late people. I'm not 100% sure how I've managed up until now to get away with being late for all these thing. Either I have very understanding peers or the fact that, as my father puts it, I have the gift of the gab. I can talk myself out of everything and anything. Any excuse, you name it, I've used it. But no more to those plentiful white lies I have told - I am going to get myself a diary and never be later for anything ever again (she says).

EXERCISE. A tricky topic for me, as I love it but i'm just so unfit. Don't get me wrong, i'm not obese with several heart conditions; I'm an average size 8-10 gal who has 10 years of dance training under her belt. That's right, I used to dance every single day of the week for 10 years before I threw in the towel because the commitment was driving me loony. I think its the fact that I went from this extreme exercise to absolute nothing, sit-on-my-ass all day phase that I became so unfit. The funny thing is I actually went to my doctor about a year ago because I thought I had breathing problems - truth is I am just unfit (cringe). I do love a good jog around my local area, but once I get started I cant stop. I will be running every day of the week and get obsessed with it before I eat a Terry's chocolate orange and think there's no point in carrying on anymore. And then I stop for a few weeks, and then I start again; alas the viscous circle continues. My next resolution is to going running twice, yes just twice, a week to help me transform into some sort of fitness goddess (a girl can only dream, right?).

So there are my resolutions. Only 3 because I am scared of failure...I'm even more scared now because I have written them on the internet and they will be here forever, to haunt me in July when i'm a dehydrated, fat shit who is late for everything.