Tuesday, 26 March 2013

University Interview |

This was probably the most nerve-racking experience I have ever had to face, and in my typical style I decided to do it alone. The dreaded university interview; the one that lasts 1 hour, but you spend weeks and weeks planning. Because the worst thing that could happen is to be asking something about yourself that you don't actually know.

So, in order to show how independent I was, I travelled 5 hours on the train to get to university. Due to my over organised ways, I arrived a whole hour early. Yes, that's right, a whole hour in a university that I had never been to before, inside of a town that I did not know my way around. I had planned my day right down to the point and it still seemed to have flaws! I arrived at the train station, paid 30 pence to use the toilet (don't even get me started on that) and to get dressed. I then managed to struggle down a cheese and ham toastie and a mug of coffee to steady my nerves; however because of my nervous behaviour, I downed the coffee and got a burnt tongue, and scoffed the toastie so fast I had indigestion. Brill. I then caught several trains and arrived faster than my schedule told me I would, and found myself milling around with nothing better to do than call my parents and annoy them whilst they were at work.

I managed to last 50 minutes until I sprinted up to the reception and in my nervous disposition, gave my whole name, whilst forgetting that in my application I was asked to be called Bea in my interview. The poor little lady then spent the next 10 minutes trying to find Beatrice, until I remembered the error of ways and put her right. She wasn't best pleased to say the least...It killed time though.

I could feel the eyes of the other applicants all over me like a rash. Everyone was sussing each other out. Checking each others outfits, looking to see if they showed any nervous body language - you know the drill, complete and utterly judging someone on their looks to see if they are as good as you. Healthy.

Later I found myself in a lecture room, being told the structure of the course. Ah no biggie, it's not like I spent the last 3 weeks going through the 3 year course with a fine tooth comb just in case I was asked a question on it. No biggie that you just told all the other interviewees, even those who were stupid enough to come without reading the prospectus. Dang it!

The group interview was then next. I found myself sat in a circle (cute) with 2 other girls and 2 other boys, as well as the Mr.Interviewer who was firing questions at us. Scary at first, but quite invigorating when you answered a question which was received with a nod, and "good", and the scribble of a pen on paper.

Once this was all over, we had a tour of the building. It was strange looking at the other students thinking "this could be me in a years time", because I really knew deep down that this is where I wanted to study and live for the next 3 years of my life. Now that's a big commitment. But with universities they always say 'you get that feeling and you know' - very cliché but very true. It's an odd feeling that comes from inside, and its like someone flips the switch in your mind.

1 week later I found out the university has given me an offer - thank god! After my interview and "that feeling" I got, I had my heart set on it. And now it's given me the final push and umpf of motivation to go out and kick some ass in my final exams.