Sunday, 3 March 2013


Bea-uty Review...

When it comes to eye shadow, I like to keep things simple. Everyday, I wear black gel liner on my eye lid and a quick flash of mascara - occasionally I go all out and attempt a winged line too. So when I received the Lancôme Christmas Beauty Box, I wasn't too excited to see that it contained a palette. However, the packaging is gorgeously girlie with gold-silver glitter covering the top of package; which made me even more inquisitive to what was inside.

Lacome Golden Frenzy top
Inside, are 5 eye shadows to create a look with; an all over base, lid, crease, highlighter and liner...

Top: base
Left: lid
Centre: crease
Right: Highlighter
Bottom: liner

First of all I need to outline the fact of fall down. I don't think ever tried eye shadows which once applied, looks like I've repeated the look on my cheek. The glitter in the shadows is fairly large and there is a lot of it, meaning that even once I've had a good clean up and applied concealer under my eyes, there's still flecks of glitter all over my face (which is my pet hate).

Swatches: base, lid and crease

Swatches: highlighter and liner

Saying that, if you can deal with a little sparkle on your face, you can indulge in 5 luxurious shades. The base is like white fairy dust and extremely pretty next to the tear duct, but not so glamorous under the eye brow - later leading to sparkly eyebrows.

All 5 shades applied  

The lid shade is probably my favourite, it's a gold shade with orange tones and again, more glitter. I think it looks lovely on brown eyes as it brings out the rich colour, next to the crease shade which is more of a matte medium brown.  This warm shade is very buildable in the crease and helps add definition and structure to the socket.

The highlighter is questionable. When I think of highlighters I wouldn't expect this dark shade - a deep brown with rainbow glitter flecks. So I used this right in the outside corner of my eye to help keep the look smoky which actually worked really well. As for the last shade, it is a black shadow which is for liner; I would usually use a liquid or gel liner but by using this shadow, a softer look was created. I carried this down under the eye as well, just below the water line.

Also, I read that Kim Kardashian used this pallet on her wedding day... Not sure if that is a bonus for you or puts you off buying the product!? Anyway, besides the freaky amount of glitter used, the shades create a glamorous smoky eye which is great for parties and evenings out.

B x

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*all products have been purchased either by self or bought for me by a family member or friend; all opinions are my own and I will give my 100% honest thoughts on the products mentioned.