Thursday, 23 May 2013

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With exams on the horizon, I've been attempting to make the best out of the situation that will shortly become a reality. The exams that I will be sitting in the next few weeks will be some of the most important tests that I will ever have to sit, and the thought of this makes me extremely nervous.

However, ever the optimist, I'm trying to make the next week few weeks that slightly more torallable by carrying out a few simple things.

1. The first is food. Being healthy makes me feel good about myself and also has its health benefits. I have been stocking up the fridge with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and fat free vanilla yoghurt too. All of these are perfect to snack on whilst revising, and are also yummy in a bowl of yoghurt as a quick snack in study breaks.

2. Tidy room = tidy mind. That's what I believe anyway. Having a clean and tidy bedroom always keeps me in a calm mood, which once added with a heavily candle and clean sheets benefits me greatly when I'm stressed.

3. Keeping on top of everything is also vital around this time, especially sleep. Around this period, I aim to go to sleep between 10-10.30pm, in order to give myself around 8 hours sleep which is the recommended amount. I also aim to keep on top of small things like my washing, just so there is no added stress and I have a clean pair of jeans on the morning of my exam.

4. I know it's tempting but going on nights out isn't great when you need to study. I sound like mum, but nothing good will come of it! Of course you need time to relax and chill out, but going on a boozy night ruins the next day of revision cramming and ruins your sleep pattern. There will be plenty of other opportunities to go out once the exams are over...or so I keep telling myself!

5. Finding time to chill out and not revise is also important. To do this, I like go go for walks or go for lunch with friends, or just something to take my mind off Wuthering Heights and Othello.

These are just some of the things I do around exam time, hopefully you'll find some of these tips helpful! Do you have any?

Bea x

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