Friday, 24 May 2013

The Hairdressers |

I just wanted to put it out there - does anyone else hate having their hair cut?

I get genuinely nervous hours before going, and sit there in absolute stress and anxiety the whole time I'm there. Which, trust me, is a long time due to the length of my hair and the speed it grows at. And its not like I have an awful hairdresser who makes the experience unpleasant, I've just always hated going. I hate the thought of someone else being in complete control over something that will effect me! And yes hair will grow back, but that doesn't stop me being terrified.

I sit there, waiting with butterflies in my stomach. They then ask if I would like a drink, which I always reply yes to, but never actually drink it. They then wash my hair - am I the only one who thinks it strange that someone is stood washing your hair? This leads on to an uncomfortable decision about the temperature of the water, and the pressure of the head massage. And then the snipping starts. This is the worst bit, I get so anxious and anticipate every snip of those tiny evil scissors. Afterwards they blast my head off with a fancy hair dryer where I watch in content on how they are drying my hair so quickly and why it always takes me ages.

I then pay, book an appointment that I will probably change because I only get my hair cut twice a year, and leave with hair that I find to be - okay.

Please say I'm not the only one who feels like this?!
If I am, it'll be just another hole in the belt of weird things in my life.

Bea x

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